About Us

Abaya Noir was founded by an Egyptian couple, Amir Ezzeldin and Noha Genena, in 2009 Cairo, Egypt.

The idea started with Noha’s personal need to dress elegantly and modestly as a hijabi woman while there was no proper clothing in the market at that time that fulfills her need. So she began to design and manufacture her own abayas, her designs met other people’s admiration, women praised the authenticity & innovation of the abayas, yet being simple, practical and fashionable, as being decent at that time contradicted with fashion.

At this point the idea to create a business flourished, so they started a small business, limited to their friends, family & close acquaintances. The feedback was fascinating and encouraged us to take the business to the next level.

In 2010, we reached a milestone by opening the first branch of the Abaya Noir brand in a nearby mall to their home in Cairo, Egypt. From this point forward, the brand continued to evolve and thrive.

In 2024, Abaya Noir proudly extended its reach beyond borders, delivering its distinctive designs worldwide, reflecting a journey that began with a personal need and has now become a global elegant and modest fashion brand.